Lis Goodwin - your voice coach

I believe in the importance of speaking clearly, accurately and authentically.

I offer speech coaching lessons worldwide via Skype.

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I believe that this is a pivotal time in history. Never has mankind faced societal changes such as those which are coming up. For your child to get that university place, or to get the dream job they hope for, they are going to have to stand out. Their voice, along with appropriate dress for the situation gives them the very best chance to show their abilities and personality.


Who is voice coaching for?


If your child is academically gifted, but lacks sparkle when they speak, or suffers from shyness, voice coaching is for them.


If your child struggles academically, voice coaching may be very helpful for them, because a good voice can take you far, even when qualifications aren't perfect.


If your child is right in the middle of the road academically, and needs to be able to distinguish themselves from the competition by the time they get to university place interviews, or their first job interviews, voice coaching is for them.


If your child sings or acts or is set on a career where public speaking will be required, then voice coaching is for them.


If your child is being bullied at school, voice coaching may help increase confidence and reduce the problem - read my story here


What voice coaching can't do


I'm not a speech therapist, so I won't get rid of the occasional stutter, or flub – we all do this. Serious stuttering and other speech impediment need help from a speech therapist, rather than a voice coach.


I don't aim to remove your accent – if it's pronounced, it will diminish, but it may not go altogether, and nor should it – we don't all want to sound the same!


Lessons cost £17 for thirty minutes and £25.50 for 45 minutes, and these are paid in blocks of ten.

To distinguish themselves from their peers, your children need to be able to express themselves in an engaging, honest and accurate way.


To get that job interview, or the all-important university place, they need to shine...

Why choose voice coaching?

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