Lis Goodwin - your voice coach

I believe in the importance of speaking clearly, accurately and authentically.

I offer speech coaching lessons worldwide via Skype.

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BACS is my preferred payment option, as it saves money (why give big business a penny more than necessary?), but if for some reason you need to pay by paypal (if you are an internation client, for example), it's an option which I can arrange - just get in touch (Click here)


Before you pay, please remember to contact me to discuss the right length of lesson for your child (usually 30 minutes up to the age of 13 or 14, and 45 minutes for older children if preferred), and to arrange a day and time for your child's lessons - this ensures that you have a scheduled booking ready.


Once we've booked your child's lessons, I'll send you payment details as we will have already discussed over email, 'phone or Facebook messages!


Your payment needs to be received within 4 days of your booking unless we've agreed otherwise.


Please read the Terms and Conditions



Lessons are available at times to suit you and your family. If you want 1-2-1 lessons, the cost is the same, unless I need to travel to you. If in doubt, get in touch, and we can have a chat about what will suit your child best.


To start with, email or call to arrange a time, and make sure I have availability in my diary for your child's lessons.


How to Book

Don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions

How to Pay