Lis Goodwin - your voice coach

I believe in the importance of speaking clearly, accurately and authentically.

I offer speech coaching lessons worldwide via Skype.

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Glorious! voice coaching

- for ages 9-16

Praxis Tuition

- for adults

Are you considering music lessons for your child? An expensive instrument and some auditory torture later and you might have a budding Wieniawski, but chances are your child will put their instrument down as soon as they leave school and never play it again. Why not spend your money on an instrument your child will use every day for the rest of their lives? Their voice!


Did you know that after our visual appearance, which is our first impression, the second thing others notice about us is the sound of our voice.


To distinguish themselves from their peers, your child needs to be able to express themselves in an engaging, honest and accurate way.


To get that job interview, or the all-important university place, they need to shine. Voice coaching can give them that edge.


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Meet Lis

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Hi, I'm Lis Goodwin – your voice coach. I want to inspire you to take your communication seriously. We all envision our potential in the best possible light, and whether you're a forward-looking parent, or an adult for whom English is your second language – the investment you make now in your, or your child's voice, is going to pay dividends for life. Improving your communication is absolutely key to every aspect of your life – we use our voice every day to speak to friends, family and co-workers. We use our voice when we pitch our best ideas. We use our voice when we go for the biggest and best goals – the most important job interviews. We also use our voice when we ask for help, when we need assistance, and when we need to communicate our needs to a healthcare provider. When we don't communicate to the absolute best we can, within our potential, it can have consequences for us, in that we don't receive the care we need, or we fail to achieve our most prized goals.


So voice coaching helps us to communicate better, but it also helps build our confidence. When you communicate with confidence, others are aware of that (even though it's very much a non-verbal cue!). Confidence is the very thing which helps support our communication – they go hand in hand.


In my own experience, as a teenager who was bullied, the voice coaching I had at school had the most amazing knock-on effect:


  • "As I began to get ‘good at it’, there was a remarkable change in me. Having endured many years of bullying, right from my earliest school years, I began to see a reduction and then a cessation of it. Looking back I can see nothing else which was different, except this change in my voice, which was subtle, but showed an inner confidence, which I had clearly lacked before."


As you can see, confident communication is a key which opens many doors


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